Future physicalization of tall ship, water volumes, cloth- and rope-systems

This theme is very interesting to me because by using for example PhysX becomes real water volumes possible and we reach one of the last mile stones in computergraphics. For my future project I am highly interested in this technology and in advanced cloth- and rope- systems for tall ships and its armament of the 18th century.

I have noticed that Star Citizen switched to Lumberyard and becomes very interested in upcoming future proof engine technologies. I want to give my feedback as a form of discussion-option, based on my former work in the CryEngine and want to suggest engine features former engines had not
on its priority feature list. I am not talking about prebaking mesh-deformers etc. pp. I talk for example about much more simple cloth possibilities or the big nut of water volumes.

When Lumberyard pay attention to those small details, mabye more former niche products, like Space Sims, becomes interesting. In my case ancient naval battles and exploration adventures.

I am since more than 10 years in project creation and leading ancient asset creation and see a big potential of those projects.

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@Drakes_Legacy_3D_Vis I agree with you , plus, I Love Script Canvas Open World Map via PhysX Lib, eg : script canvas vehicles in a huge city or old or new naval battles, specially Battlefield 4 :blush: