Game Builds, Packaging, & DLC


I’m evaluating the viability of using Amazon Lumberyard for a new startup project. So far, it looks very promising - the integration with AWS/GameLift looks great, the high graphic fidelity of the CryEngine base seems a major advantage over Unity and Unreal, and Amazon’s business viability looks much stronger than Crytek’s. I’d definitely prefer C# scripting, but I view C++ as a small price to pay for those other advantages. However, in doing my due diligence I’ve run into a question that I’m trying to figure out: How to integrate downloadable content (DLC) into a Lumberyard project?

Both Unity and UE 4 provide reasonably decent documentation on how to do this (Unity’s documentation is good, UE 4’s is hard to find, but once found is pretty clear / understandable). However, even though games built using CryEngine seem to support DLCs even in earlier versions than 3.8, neither CE nor Amazon Lumberyard’s documentation seems to have any mention of patching or packaging DLCs. Specific questions I would like to understand:

  1. Does the game engine support DLCs? Specifically, I’m interested in a DLC distribution model where users do not need to download / install the complete application all over again - merely installing the “new” content to extend gameplay. Both Unity and Unreal Engine 4 support this capability, and have reasonably clear documentation on how to set it up - but neither CryEngine nor the Lumberyard documentation seems to offer any clues.
  2. Assuming that the Lumberyard engine does supports DLCs, then then are there limitations as to what can / cannot be included in a DLC? (for example, Unity AssetBundles can include all manner of assets, but cannot include executable script logic without some creative - read: hacky - workarounds involving Reflection via mono - which introduces a significant performance hit for certain operations)
  3. Assuming that the Lumberyard engine does support DLCs, then is this documented somewhere already, and I just missed it?
  4. If Lumberyard does not support DLCs, downloadable assets, or other game extension mechanisms, then are there plans for building this capability into the engine going forward?
    Thanks in advance,


Hello @cmodzelewski,

As far as I can tell, I don’t think we provide a mechanism to package, maintain, and use Downloadable Content in your game but that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to do in Lumberyard.

I can’t comment on the future and what that might hold, however, I will take your input on it and forward it off to the team. Thank you for your feedback!