Game compile flickering

I have compiled game, but in the context of build-game I have flickering problems.
But in the editor, everything is perfect !!!. I’ve tried many settings from the game console to see if something is wrong, but I did not get any results.
I attach one game screenshots to see the problem. I hope someone can tell me what’s wrong.

I also published a private video that shows the effects of flickering:

Thanks for the support

Sorry for the troubles @AlexCappe - let me see if I can get some answers for you as well

It seems that the problem is in compiling the executable with:
Lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2015_release -p game_and_engine
The generated build that is then moved to the _packs directory once compiled and includes the DLLs in the executable differs in rendering from the version of the Launcher executable that is located in Bin64vc140.
I did a try by building two executables in the play “_packs”
One as per instructions:
And the other by moving the game DLLs used by the editor as well.
With the “Launcher” that was Bin64vc140 along with the editor the game has run perfect rendering !!
I did not control the C ++ source code to see the problem, the “define” of the compiler is so many (too much work !! :-), but I think there are a small bugs.

For the moment thank you and shout for my english.
There is also a problem with the “gamevolume” that is not rendered in the game, but for that I will open a new post, as soon as I know where the problem is in the exact way.

Thank you all for the support !

Fantastic @AlexCappe! Glad you got this figured out :smiley:

I’ll make a note for our team on your observations with this process and bugs found — Thank ya much!

Can you try pushing your camera near clip plane out more. That can help a lot with zbuffer accuracy.

I tried, but nothing to do. I’ve also created a very simple map with the only terrain but the effect in the game-biuld shows artifacts. : - (((