Game Deployment with Characters

I would like to have the sample game deployed to my AWS environment with twitch and my character. Who can help me do this?

There are three goals I would like to achieve using Lumberyard.

1.) Import one of my completed characters into the sample game including full working bones, replacing the default character. I’ve been having lots of trouble with this. I can get the character in, and it looks good, but I cannot get the character to move correctly. The documentation is dated and scarce.

2.) Play the soundtrack of my music while playing the game. I have not researched or attempted this yet.

3.) Fully functional deployed sample game with my character. My AWS environment will be configured to have an appropriate level of performance.

I would appreciate specific guidance and assistance in achieving these goals.

what are you using to get your character moving? scripting and animations?

You can check out my audio series on my channel to start working with audio (link in my bio if you click on my forum Icon, sorry im on my phone atm or you can check the tutorial section and see my list of tutorials there)

Not sure on deploying the full sample game to your AWS environment so maybe someone else can chime in there @Binky_LMBR @Amonster_LMBR @petrocket

@Cstudios15 I apologize for not noticing this reply. I use Daz3d and iClone. I’m able to import the character with animations now. The character quality is good, and the movement is perfect. However, the process, while repeatable and straightforward now, is still tedious especially adding animations or changing character clothing, etc. The tools work great, so I think I’ll eventually streamline the process. There’s not any Lumberyard documentation on character importing that I’m aware of, other than for Maya and 3ds.