Game Loading Screen

Could the loading support non-bink video formats?

No its covered on this page how to set them up, and bink is the only format usable with the version of LY we are at so far.

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I know what the documents, but there are many things that documents dont talk about, and wanted to know if this one them. Good question were would be the Component that is job for playing the bink video. I think there can be a way to use that code to play other video formats

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Yes you are totally right, if you are ok with editing the code, or have someone to do so you can definitely play other video formats. I was just pointing it out because a lot of people do not want or try to edit the code and are just wondering what the engine is offering out of the box. Thanks for the extra info there. :+1:

I dont know if it would be editing the engine code or just creating a system component that connect to a bus

it depends on where, and how the loading screen system is set up, you may have to edit engine code if it will only ever allow bnk files for videos.

Would not be the first time I had to modify the engine code for something