Game Logs UE4

So, I’m trying to debug a problem that I’m seeing on the UE4 server I opened as a session on GameLift.

When the session closed, I tried to download the game logs, but I got a readme in there that just said Error: Missing file/directory C:\game\logs as well as Error: Missing file/directory C:\game\MyProject\Binaries\Win64\LogFile.txt

Can anyone look into this for me?

Alias: alias-42a81d0d-0e6b-405b-bfcf-dea4a76c6f12
Region: us-east-2

In the fleet, I have provided the following command-line argument: -log LOG=LogFile.txt

When I test this locally, a logfile is created in Win64 by the name of LogFile.txt.

Changed the log path to be relative instead for the command-line argument, so LOG=…/…/Binaries/Win64/LogFile.txt fixed this issue.