Game Tech forums are moving!

On May 31st 2022 the public forums at will no longer be available. Lumberyard community discussions and support will continue on Discord [1] while customers who are transitioning on to the Open 3D Engine (O3DE) can continue to engage on both the community Discord [2] and GitHub forums [3]. The GameLift community is moving to AWS re:Post [4] where it will sit along side other Game Tech solutions such as AWS GameKit and Amazon GameSparks. Before the transition, Lumberyard will have a read-only forum of all previous messages, along with a news posting on that when we have a set date. For an improved community experience we encourage that all existing AWS Game Tech forum members transition to and start using these alternatives ahead of May 31st 2022.

[1] (Legacy) Amazon Lumberyard
[2] Open 3D Foundation
[3] Discussions · o3de/o3de · GitHub
[4] Find Answers to AWS Questions about Amazon GameLift | AWS re:Post