Gamelift and Unity setup

OK, I was able to setup the AWS command line to upload a Linux build to a region and create a fleet and the rest. The only challenge I have is in integrating "Amazon GameLift Server SDK within Unity " itself. So, lets take a look. Step one, download the SDK. Well, once this is loaded and you open GameLiftServerSDKNet35.sln**, everything goes South, because there are many errors within Visual Studio.**

**The next step, before we get into Unity is this “**To build, simply load up the solution in one of the supported IDEs, restore the Nuget packages and build it from there.”

Is Unity really supported with GameLift? Because the instructions are not working.

Was able to figure it out. Had to compile under a shorter file name directory and copied the referenced files to assets/plugin, and it worked. Also, I removed a directory from the zip that does not seem to be referenced, before adding the zip material to the unity asset folder.