GameLift C++ Server SDK multiple games

I’m wondering how to run multiple games on a single C++ custom dedicated server.

On “GameLift Server API reference for C++: Actions” documentation ( GameLift Server API reference for C++: Actions - Amazon GameLift )

I can read:
ProcessReady() → processParameters → port: “Port number that the server process is listening on” (it seems there is no way to specify a port range).

I can also read:
GetGameSessionId() → “Retrieves a unique identifier for the game session currently being hosted by the server process, if the server process is active.” (again the singular is used).

I can deduct that the SDK is able to handle only one GameSession.

My question is: should I start several distinct processes each one handling its own GameSession (with an incredible waste of resources, moreover memory) or is the SDK thread safe letting me, from a single process, to start multiple threads each one calling its thread safe InitSDK() and ProcessReady() with different port numbers?

Thank you in advance

GameLift launches a process and expects that process to check-in as part of the InitSDK call, which currently prevents you hosting multiple game sessions per server process.

Instead you should the fleet config to launch launch 1 → 50 server processes per instance.

If you have a specific business reason for hosting multiple sessions per server process then I would recommend opening a request through AWS support.

Many thank.

No, no specific reasons, simply I’m thinking to a really tiny dedicated server logic, so having one process (many MBs of RAM) to handle only a few KBs for my logic seems to be a waste of resources.

By the way, could you please tell my how can I open the request you are speaking about? (which URL or which support forum).

Thank you