GameLift endpoints


Am trying to integrate GameSparks with GameLift and this process is being very complicated. One of the solutions I thought to skip another man-in-the-middle (like using the aws-js-sdk) is to directly make my requests through Cloud Code from GameSparks to GameLift–but that’s not substantial right now.

The question is: is there a place where I can have the endpoints for the available GameLift operations? Or at least an indicator on how to trigger a specific resource?

On this thread, @Al…Murray cited the following resource URI:

But I’d like to know what do I have to send to indicate “hey, create a game session for me!”. Is there something in the header? Is there a specific endpoint for every operation (createGameSession, requestGameSessionState, etc.)?

I’ve swept this documentation and couldn’t find anything really helpful besides the payload required by that specific operation.



Hey there -

Every GameLift endpoint supports every GameLift API. There are currently 14 GameLift regions, each with their own unique endpoint. You can find a list of all GameLift endpoints here:

Does this help?

Hey @MisterGameLift – thank you for your response.

Well, what I was asking was a different thing (probably I had expressed myself unclearly). Let’s say I wanted to create a game session, how would I indicate this to GameLift? Basically, after some research, I found out that I can do this through the “target” header, like this:

x-amz-target: GameLift.CreateGameSession

The problem is solved, but thank you anyways.