GameLift extends support for AMD instances, Standalone FlexMatch

Hi All Game Developers,

We are excited to announce support for AMD instances for all developers using GameLift FleetIQ. AMD instance family support is also now available in Beijing China (BJS) in addition to the standalone mode of FlexMatch.

This latest release includes the following updates:

  • GameLift FleetIQ game server groups can now be configured to manage the AMD instance families C5a, M5a, and R5a. Allowed EC2 instance types, as listed for the GameServerGroup InstanceDefinition (InstanceDefinition - Amazon GameLift Service), now include the following:
    • c5a.large, c5a.xlarge, c5a.2xlarge, c5a.4xlarge, c5a.8xlarge, c5a.12xlarge, c5a.16xlarge, c5a.24xlarge
    • m5a.large, m5a.xlarge, m5a.2xlarge, m5a.4xlarge, m5a.8xlarge, m5a.12xlarge, m5a.16xlarge, m5a.24xlarge
    • r5a.large, r5a.xlarge, r5a.2xlarge, r5a.4xlarge, r5a.8xlarge, r5a.12xlarge, r5a.16xlarge, r5a.24xlarge

AMD instances for FleetIQ are currently not available for use in the China (Beijing) Region. See Feature Availability and Implementation Differences (Amazon GameLift - Getting Started with AWS services in China) in China.

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