Gamelift failed to process the request

Gamelift is not being stable on connections. lot of the times i get gamelift failed to process the request error in my UE4 GameMode. I have checked that my player session id is correct. Why im having this error?

? is this what Gamelift is telling you that is wrong? If not does it give an error code of any sort, so people have more details on why it if failing. :thinking:

If i had the error codes or any clues to continue, i would not be here asking this. To be more specific, this happens on on executing AcceptPlayerSession()

Can you describe what happens when you call AcceptPlayerSession? You should get a GenericOutcome that contains a failure or error message.

What do you get for the error in this case?

That is error message from GenericOutcome

Hmm it seems odd that you are not getting anything useful here.

Can you provide the SDK version you are using and a FleetId? And I will try and get someone from GameLift to take a look at what might be going on.

I Got through error. Many things happened at once. First is had been set port to hardcoded 7777 for testing reasons. Once my gamelift server was up and running it automatically started up one game server instsance to wait for players (btw how to turn that off?) and my matchmaking system in placing
status also booted up one game server instance trying to assign port 7777 but couldnt and game started waiting connections already on 7778, leaving me with one real server and one ghost server.
This fixed dynamic port stuff.

params->port = FURL::UrlConfig.DefaultPort;

Gamelift failed to process the request was because active gamelift gamesession was in first ghost server, while playersessions already wanted to connect to new server