We’re trying to integrate dedicated servers on linux hardware, but it seems like our install script is not working, or perhaps the process is crashing - we don’t know since we can’t debug or retrieve any additional information from the offending instance. We’ve tried spinning up an EC2 instance, and manually invoking the script, and then running the game binary (with command arguments), and it seems to work without crashes or errors.

Is there any way to get more debug information from the fleet?

I also ran into issues with UE4’s default linux install script.

I ended up trying a bunch of things, then accidentally uploading the build with no install script, and viola it worked. Not sure if it’ll solve your problem, but maybe worth a try if you haven’t already? (We’re on 4.18)


I figured out what was going on. We never used the default install script since it also runs the process immedietly. But what also went wrong was that we forgot to highten the privileges when doing chmod +x on the process. Also, the relative path to the binary was buried in Game/Binaries/Linux/Game, but the launch path has to point to an executable in the root directory; so we made a symlink in that place instead and pointed it to the .exe. Our install script now looks like this:

sudo chmod +x "./Game/Binaries/Linux/GameServer"
sudo ln -s "Game/Binaries/Linux/GameServer" "GameServer"