GameLift Gem vs Service?

Hey all,

I looked online for this question already, but maybe I just suck at looking for information…

Is it possible to use the GameLift gem for communication between client/server, and NOT use the GameLift service, but instead letting our own backend manage game server sessions, spinning up and down of game servers, etc?



Hi @AustinK, I’ve created a ticket to get a GameLift guru to answer your question.

Hey @AustinK!

Yes, it is possible to use the GameLift gem for communication between client/server with your own backend game server management solution.

Per the Operating Restrictions in the Lumberyard Service Terms, the only requirement is that you use AWS services (or machines owned by you or your end users) to host your infrastructure, game sessions, and data. You may not use alternate web services with Lumberyard.

It would be great to get some more detail on your overall architecture, too, to see if we can help you meet the above requirements and/or optimize your solution. Your infrastructure could simply call into GameLift to obtain servers if you have your own solution for auto-scaling, for example.

Let us know how we can help!