GameLift-Getting_started-(04): Session creation failed with error Root cause: NotFoundException

I am getting this error on the fourth tutorial for GameLift. Whenever I try to click the button create server I get this error: Session creation
failed with error Root cause: NotFoundException

Hello @aaronsmedley,

This could be related to a couple of things. Let’s try to narrow down the problem. Generally, the GameLiftSDK throws a NotFoundException under these circumstances:

  • Invalid Credentials (Access key & Secret key)
  • Invalid Fleet ID
  • Fleet is not in an Active state
  • Invalid ports specified on the fleet creation page
    Please make sure that the above information is correct (please do not share your credentials with anyone!) and are being correctly passed into the MultiplayerProjectLauncher.exe through the GameLiftLaunch.bat file.

Here’s an example; make sure to replace all the elements that are contained within braces ({}):

MultiplayerProjectLauncher.exe +sv_port {PORT} +gamelift_fleet_id {FLEET_ID} +gamelift_aws_access_key {ACCESS_KEY} +gamelift_aws_secret_key {SECRET_KEY} +map gameliftlobby

Let us know if that works out for you :slight_smile:


Hi @darkblitz,

you for your response. I have created a new user and fleet and updated the gameliftClient.bat accordingly (I was using root credentials originally) and I am still getting the error when I try and create a server. Any ideas?

Hi @darkblitz and @aaronsmedley,

I’ve run into the same issue and also have used the same bat file with the appropriate values filled in (even tried with root keys to access the gamelift sessions). Is there possibly something wrong with the start up of the server on the fleet machines? I’ve tried running locally with the +sv_port 33435 +start_lobby params passed in and the executable just hangs.

I also don’t see anything in the logs tab (not sure if that’s telling of something) when giving the default log path provided in the tutorial (C:\game\user\log), so it makes troubleshooting very difficult.

As a side note, I’ve confirmed the fleet id is correct, the credentials are valid, the fleet itself is Active, and I added the 33435 port as a launch parameter (as mentioned above) and added to the inbound ports option for UDP/TCP from cidr

Edit: This may or may not be related, but with my root account AWS isn’t allowing me to terminate the fleet I made. I have access to everything else, except terminating a fleet.

Hey @gingerneer,

Thanks for adding some more info on the issue. Hopefully this is something that will be addressed soon. To terminate the fleet make sure you bring the desired to 0 when editing your fleet.

Thanks @aaronsmedley, was able to terminate my fleet.

Hello @gingerneer, @aaronsmedley,

One possible root cause here is having a fleet setup in one GameLift
region (eg. us-east-1) but your game client configured to talk to another (eg.
us-west-2). The easiest way to fix this is to explicitly tell your game client
which GameLift endpoint to interact with. You can do this with the
“gamelift_aws_region” cvar followed by the region. For example:

gamelift_aws_region us-east-1

note though, that you will need at least one EC2 instance in the fleet in order
for this to succeed. Can you give this a try and see if it helps?

Hey @gingerneer, @MisterGameLift

I tried to add the region cvar and got an InvalidSignatureException. Looking into this I saw it usually has something to do with local time being off. I tried adjusting my local time to no avail. I also tried to upload a build to the Oregon server and start a fleet there. This unfortunately is giving me the notFoundException error as well as before. I am not sure where to proceed to diagnose. Any suggestions?

Hey @gingerneer, @MisterGameLif,

I can finally create and connect to my game session. The problem was what @MisterGameLift
suspected it was. My client was configured to talk to the wrong server. After setting the region cvar I was receiving a new error InvalidSignatureException. After exchanging emails with a couple of amazon guys, we were able to figure out that the new exception was fixed by adding an endpoint cvar.

To sum up: to get GameLift to create a game session and join if you are having a NotFoundExcpetion add these cvar’s to your GameLiftClient.bat file - +gamelift_aws_region us-east-1

Note: Be sure to change these variables to ones that match the server you are on.

yep this response fixed it. Geez if I had a penny for every baby I punched trying to figure this out…