GameLift in 2020 - Major GameLift FleetIQ update now available in General Availability

Calling all game developers! In April, we released a GameLift FleetIQ update into Preview to enhance the flexibility in how you can adopt GameLift’s low-cost game server hosts by allowing you to use your own game server management layer. Since then, N3TWORK, Gameloft, and other developers have used GameLift FleetIQ to incrementally migrate live games, burst in-game events, or deploy containerized games onto AWS while saving up to 70% on infrastructure cost compared to existing on-premises deployments.

Today, we’re excited to release this GameLift FleetIQ update into general availability! With three APIs, you can set up an Auto Scaling group in your own AWS account and let GameLift FleetIQ automatically manage Spot instances to avoid game session interruption. This unlocks low-cost game servers that you can add alongside your existing capacity (on-premises or cloud) to host your live games. Because these instances run in your AWS account, you have flexibility to use containers or integrate your FleetIQ-managed instances with other AWS services such as AWS Shield and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service.

As part of general availability, we are also adding On-Demand-Only Mode and a new API to check the status of your instances. We can’t wait to see what you build with the updated GameLift FleetIQ! To learn more, check out our blog, developer guide, and new training.

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