GameLift isn't showing up on the "Top AWS Free Tier Services" table

I was looking at the “Top AWS Free Tier services” table in the AWS Billing Dashboard that let’s you monitor your current free tier usage for the month for various AWS services. However, I noticed that GameLift was not on there:

And I confirmed this with a friend as well that GameLift isn’t being tracked in this table. Just wanted to ask if this was happening for other people or if I have to toggle a certain setting to track my usage
in this table? I also found in the “AWS Billing and Cost Management” documentation that GameLift was listed as one of their tracked services, but only the usage of c3.large instances. I was wondering whether the documentation was out-of-date or that c4.large and c5.large instance usage isn’t being tracked currently?

Lastly, is it possible to track the amount of data that is transferred out from Amazon GameLift instances specifically to the internet/clients? In the billing dashboard, the data transfer metrics seem to include the amount of data transferred from all AWS services together, so it becomes difficult to distinguish and specify how much data was transferred between certain AWS services only.

EDIT: Disregard the question about viewing data transfer costs on a per-service basis, I just found out that the Cost Explorer is a very useful tool for this. More information about that can be found here.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!

Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this. GameLift is one of the services that has free tier and currently I believe C5.Large is the free tier instance type.

The issues you report are likely documentation issues. For the first dashboard, we will need to look into what is the right expectation there and what it takes to get that set up.

For the second one, we need to get the doc updated. We have upgraded the free tier instance types in the past a few years.

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Thanks @NingAWS, I can confirm that with regards to the first screenshot that I am not the only one experiencing the issue of not being able to see c5.large instance usage for GameLift in the AWS free tier chart in the billing dashboard.