GameLift keep mixing up IP, sending people to wrong server

Well, this is like the forth time, i’m asking this. When you have high traffic, GameLift sometimes mix up the server IP and sending the wrong group of people to the wrong Server.

Will anyone please fix this? THis is serious issue. Last time I gave the log fleetID, time and everything and still no one went in and look at it.

Sorry that this is happening to you and I see you had a previous forum post that was unfortunately ignored: Gamelift mixed up my servers again..

Is this the same issue, where the alias seems to point to the wrong fleet at times? If so, if you can provide the alias ids and fleet ids (assuming they are different) and rough time of impact I will make sure someone from GameLift gets back to you.

If its a different issue, can you describe whats going wrong and provide any relevant GameLift ids to help the team debug the issue.


Hi KillerPenguin, I can help shed some light on what happened, but I’m going to need a lot more information.

  1. Beta Fleet ID
  2. Test Fleet ID
  3. Beta Alias ID
  4. Test Alias ID
  5. GameSession ARN of a game session that you expected on your Beta Fleet, but ended up on your Test Fleet. The more examples, the better.
  6. Any changes you made to either Alias around that time.
  7. UTC timestamp of when the event occurred (we can get the timestamp from the GameSession ARN if you can provide that as well)

Aliases can be eventually consistent, so you might see game sessions appear in both Fleets for a few seconds when changing an Alias at high TPS, but that should only last for a few seconds.

Any time you make a forum post, please provide as much data as possible to ensure we have everything we need to look at our logs and debug what happened. Thanks!

Well i’m just reporting in that this happens again. Didn’t get any info this time. I did provide everything for you to check last time and no one answer though.

This is a rare occurrence, but it still happens. So I hope someone take a look at it.

Thanks for the response! Last time it looks like you only provided a single Fleet ID, which is not enough information to dig into a problem like this. If you expect a Game Session to go to your Beta Fleet and it was placed on your Test Fleet, at the very minimum we need to know the Game Session ID you had an issue with and both Fleet IDs so we can check their configurations and lookup your Alias information. Without more details, there’s nothing we can look into to help you understand what happened.

If you can provide that information, I’d be glad to look at our logs and help diagnose the issue.

This still happens occasionally. Sadly, its very hard to track GameID because there’s no way we can track it from gamelift management menu. Players who report the occurrence cannot specifically give us any more details about the servers mixing up neither.

Just to let you know that there’s a bug in your system.

Sorry that this has happend to you. I would suggest that if this is for a live game you cut issues through AWS Support as you will get directly routed to the GameLift team and they will be address your issues faster (its also private communication which public forums are not which makes it easier to share information).

As noted in this correspondence hard for GameLift to debug this issue without details esp as they don’t know anything about who the right player is and where players should have gone.

If you can provide details, I can get the GameLift service team involved.

This happens a lot last week. How do I get in contact with GameLift team?

Hi @KillerPenguin ,

How do I get in contact with GameLift team?

Please see the Technical Support section in AWS | Contact Us.

When you work with the support engineer to create the ticket, please try to provide as much information as you can, e.g. region, fleet id, game session id, player id, timestamp, etc., to help us root cause the issue quicker.

In the meantime, could you provide some more details on your end-to-end game request flow? I.e. what happens between when players are ready to play a game (e.g. click on “Start Matchmaking” button), and when IP address is sent to the players’ clients.

  • How are you creating game sessions? Through queues or matchmaking?
  • What calls the API to create game session? (Ideally this should be a backend service and not your game client.)
  • When you receive those game session IP address, how are you passing them to the client? Are you storing the IP addresses in an intermediary storage?