GameLift Local just only open 1 game session

Hi guys, i am currently testing with gamelift local version 1.0.5 (06/03/2021) it works fine with 2 clients connect gamelift local in the first time, after that i disconnect 2 clients and in gameserver send terminate gamesession when there are no clients connected by GameLiftServerAPI.ProcessEnding();
After that a start a new client and connect to gamelift by:
await Core.StartGame(credentials.IdToken, credentials.RefreshToken, latenciesResponse.RegionLatencies);

And gamelift always return GameSession: arn:aws:gamelift:local::gamesession/fleet-123/gsess-3d8a817d-3d07-4014-8d20-faa91cca9723 has status: TERMINATED. Players can only join ACTIVE game sessions.

Do you guys have any suggestion on this case