Gamelift: Make a Lobby like in CoD Warzone

Hello, I need a little inspiration.How can I make a player lobby like in Call of Duty Warzone? The players can invite their friends and then fight together against other players. Is this possible with Gamelift or are there better options from aws?
I am still a beginner in Gamelift and would really appreciate any help!

thank you! :slight_smile:

This is possible with gamelift, and any other service. This is a game mechanic, and it just spawns the all the players in the lobby within one part of the map, and after a certain amount of people join / time runs out they all despawn and it going to the helicopter part. This is all still in the same scene, so only one lobby is needed for this, and once you have people connecting to the lobbies you just have to code it to show were you want them to be at what point in time. I do not see this having much to do with Gamelift’s side, or anything you choose for your server provider, just try to make the game mechanics similar to Warzones.

thank you!
That has already helped me :slight_smile:

Another question I would still have. How can I make a friends list. So how do I implement that another player is displayed as online when he is online. Do I have to join all players who play the game on a server. So even if the players are only in the menu? Or what is the best way to proceed there?

I found this post:

That answers the question for me :slight_smile:
thanks again!