Gamelift netcore sdk (C#) in linux

After how many weeks and countless of questions in this thread we have uploaded and tested our first alpha release of our game with gamelift and uploaded in a windows based EC2 instance.

However we want to deploy it in a linux instance,
I know that this was asked before but it was March 2017, did the situation changed since then?

Can we use the current gamelift server SDK to build a netcore application/server?

Congrats on the alpha test! Unfortunately, GameLift doesn’t yet support running C# sdk on Linux. See related post: .NET 5 Server App on GameLift?

We do have a backlog item to update our .NET version; in the mean time, GameLift server SDK source code is provided for you, so you are welcome to update it to be compatible with .NET 5 or 6.