GameLift OS and instance type limits

I am pretty sure I can’t use GameLift for my use case, but I wanted to check to make sure.

My game servers require:
* Ubuntu
* A g4dn.8xlarge instance or better

Looks like GameLift is limited to Amazon Linux and Windows (for “builds”), and I don’t see the g4dn instances when I go to create a fleet.

Ideally, I’m looking to launch my own AMI on one of the g4dn instances.

Can I accomplish this by upgrading my account or increasing my quotas? Or are these hard limits?

Right now, I’m thinking I can use FlexMatch to set up game sessions but that I’m going to have to manage my own EC2 fleets. Is that correct? Just wanted to check first because it would be much more convenient to rely on GameLift.

Looks like what I might need is GameLift FleetIQ. It seems to provide the OS/AMI flexibility.

The docs don’t mention whether g4dn instances are supported. Anyone know that off-hand?


Let me ping the GameLift service team for you. I believe you can use any EC2 instance for FleetIQ as long as it has enough CPU to call GameLift successfully (ie t2.micros are often too slow to complete calls in time).

Would be good to confirm if you can use g4dn for scaling via Spot; they do seem to be available which is a good sign: Amazon EC2 Spot Instances Pricing

Hi, @Pip.

Thanks for checking. Yeah, I bet we won’t be able to leverage spot instances as well as other projects, since we’ll be looking for high-end servers. But I figured we would set it up and try our luck. :upside_down_face:

Hi there! FleetIQ does not currently support G4DN, though I have submitted a feature request on your behalf. GameLift is constantly looking to support more instance types to fulfill different customer needs, e.g. on 11-24-2020, we launched AMD instance supports for GameLift fleets. Please keep your eyes peeled on our release updates! GameLift release notes - Amazon GameLift

Hi, James.

Thanks for submitting a ticket. Yeah, we’d really like to rely on Fleet IQ for the scaling, and our use case involves heavy graphics processing on the server – a little unusual, but a core part of our game.

Thanks again,