GameLift + Photon Server integration

I am trying to integrate Photon server with GameLift services. i am using the GameLift C# SDK for the server integration. when i make the call to initiate the SDK it does not reach the Socket.IO server that GameLift runs locally on my computer but a call to http://localhost/5757 from the browser does. Did any one here make this integration before? also where should i look for the local GameLift service logs?


Gamelift local logs all its output to the console, so you can see whats its doing. I don’t believe at this time it writes any separate file logs.

You can see that Gamelift local is listening for server connections on port 5757 and the Server SDK should be routing calls over this post.

Obviously something is failing inside your InitSDK call so I would check your server logs and debug through this code. I’d double check you are handling and logging errors correctly.

What failure are you seeing? Just a timeout or something different?

To see the logs from GameLift local, launch it from console or with a .bat file with:

java -jar GameLiftLocal.jar -p 8080

You can also do this to have it write it to a file, but then you will not be able to see the output live:

java -jar GameLiftLocal.jar -p 8080 > gamelift.log