GameLift Plug-in for Unity now available

Hello GameLift devs,

Today, the GameLift team is excited to announce the general availability of the GameLift Plug-in for Unity. With this update, you can use native Unity user interfaces and workflows to access GameLift APIs and deploy AWS CloudFormation templates for common gaming scenarios.

The GameLift Plug-in for Unity provides everything you need to access GameLift APIs. After downloading and installing the plugin package into your Unity development environment, you can use the native plugin UI to configure their plugin settings, perform local testing of builds of their game server, and import and run a sample Unity game. The GameLift Unity plugin also includes five pre-built CloudFormation sample scenarios that you can customize for their game, making it easier to integrate GameLift with AWS. The five deployment scenarios include:

  • Auth Only - this scenario create a game backend service that performs player authentication.
  • Single-Region Fleet - this scenario creates a game backend service with a single GameLift fleet.
  • Multi-Region Fleets with Queue and Custom Matchmaker - in this scenario, GameLift queues are used in conjunction with a customer matchmaker. The custom matchmaker forms matches by taking the oldest players in the waiting pool. When there are enough players for a match, the AWS Lambda handler starts a queue placement.
  • SPOT Fleets with Queue and Custom Matchmaker - this scenario is the same as Multi-Region Fleets with Queue and Custom Matchmaker except it configures three fleets. Two of the fleets are SPOT fleets containing nuanced instance types.
  • FlexMatch - this scenario uses GameLift FlexMatch, a customizable matchmaking service for multiplayer games.

You can deploy these five scenarios from the GameLift Plug-in for Unity.

Get stated now by visiting our GitHub page:

For more information, please refer to our Release Notes and What’s New post.

Mark Choi, GameLift PM



Please let us know if you have any questions when using the plug-in, or you could create GitHub issues to report any bugs/feature requests!

@JamesM_Aws How does this plug-in impact the Realtime Client SDK? Is there Realtime support in this plugin as well? Will the Realtime Client SDK continue to be supported or will it be deprecated?

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@Sky_Copeland There is no direct impact to the Realtime Client SDK. The new GameLift Plug-in for Unity does not support RTS and is specific to managed GameLift. We do not have any plans to deprecate the RTS client SDK.