Gamelift ProcessReady failure

C# server SDK version 4.0.2.
Unity 2020.1.8f1

var processReadyOutcome = GameLiftServerAPI.ProcessReady(processParameters);    
if (processReadyOutcome.Success)
    FleckLog.Info($"Gamelift server SDK v{GameLiftServerAPI.GetSdkVersion().Result} initalized successfully");
    FleckLog.Error($"ProcessReady failure : {processReadyOutcome.Error}");

Sometimes the GameLiftServerAPI.ProcessReady()
API call fails and I get error as this.

ProcessReady failure : [GameLiftError: ErrorType=BAD_REQUEST_EXCEPTION, ErrorName=Bad request exception., ErrorMessage=Bad request exception.] 

Why does this happen. This has begin to come very frequenty.

Its not a very useful error message, as you’re not seeing why its a bad request, but that would imply a parameter you are passing is considered invalid (either invalid, missing or somehow not being transported).

Double check that you are passing ProcessParams as expected: GameLift Server API reference for C#: Data types - Amazon GameLift

You should be able to confirm things also using GameLift local.

Typically expected exceptions are also documented, but I see they are missing here: GameLift Server API (C#) reference: Actions - Amazon GameLift

If you are seeing this intermittently or can’t resolve the bad request on your end, please provide a fleet-id and an approximate time period for failure(s) and I can get the service team to look things up.

If you need a faster response, cut a support issue through AWS support.

fleet id : fleet-43bd73ce-b420-4306-ad5e-a9abd4474f0c
region : ap-south-1

time of error: 2021-02-26 02:06:07.2651 UTC

Hi Atish,

I found this from our log during the ProcessReady calls.

Value ‘62174’ at ‘port’ failed to satisfy constraint: Member must have value less than or equal to 60000

Thank you.
But I think the SDK should return these kind of validation errors in response. It will be very helpful.