GameLift Queue Priority is broken!

I recently found the Queue priority is broken for me.

I have a queue with two destinations, one is an ailias in us-east-1, another one is an alias in eu-central-1.

Although I have set us-east-1 to have higher priority, the gamesession is always placed in eu-central-1!!!

What is going on??? Our players can’t place gamesession at their selected regions right now!!!

Apologies that FleetIQ is not working as expected for you but this could be for a number of reasons:

I don’t see any issues with GameLift recently in us-east-1:

Please check:

  • Ensure you have spare capacity in us-east-1? Do your fleet metrics show that you have capacity in the region?
  • Are you using Spot instances? It could be that your chosen spot instances were temporarily unavailable.
  • Are you seeing any abnormal fleet events in us-east-1? Check your fleet dashboard?
  • Are you using player latency data at all? If so ensure you are passing the right values?

If this is an urgent issue, please open an issue through AWS Support.

You can also provide your queue arn and/or fleet ids and I can ask the GameLift service team to take a look. If you have the rough times or game session ids that would also be really helpful.


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I know I’m late to the party, but in case someone else runs into this I want to include some information.

When considering which fleet to place onto (when not considering/using latencies) a queue evaluates the following:

  1. The order of the fleets in the queue
  2. The capacity of the fleets
  3. The viability of the fleets being placed onto (if the fleet is a spot type)

If your fleet types are SPOT they have the potential to be “unviable”, meaning the instance type is too risky for gamelift to place sessions on it. During the times you call placement, if fleet is using an instance type which is considered unviable at that time, the queue falls back to the viable fleets so it can safely place your session. There are a couple general advice actions I would recommend here:

  1. In your queue always have one “fall back” ondemand type fleet so in the worst case event that all spot is unviable (very, very unlikely but possible) you can still place game sessions.
  2. If you want sessions in a specific queue to always land in one region (or be far more likely to land there) create multiple instance type fleets to lower your chances the instances you are using are going to be unviable. Several instance types can be made in fleets in the queue, and as long as 1 is viable you will place on spot instances in that region.