Gamelift RTS Ios build Problem

I created libGameLiftRealtimeNative.dylib according to ‘Readme’. But I don’t know what I’m missing, when I testing in ios, dllimport throws an exception.

DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL : GameLiftRealtimeNative



Hi @DevIp, I’ll get the GameLift service to take a look at this issue. Thanks.

@DevIp: Can you provide a few more details about your build steps for using the GameLiftRealtime dll on iOS? I assume you are using Unity, if so what version?

I believe you can get this error, if your DLL depends on other DLLs that you didn’t import or haven’t correctly added to your Unity project.

You may want to double check your settings and build steps.

I would also assume the Unity forums will be a more active/faster place to get a response for this type of problem.