GameLift Server SDK for Java

Hey all!

Has anyone written their own server in java? We’re are very far in the development of out multiplayer game and want to switch to GameLift, but have difficulties with the server SDK, that is officially only available for C# and C++.

I’m thinking of maybe converting it on my own, but then I guess the .proto files would be handy, which are not in the SDK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

  • Klaus

Hey Klaus - we might have a solution for you. Could you 1) make sure the email address on your AWS account is up-to-date and then 2) post any GameLift identifier in the forums here (eg. fleet id, game session id)? From there we can look you up and discuss a bit further.

Sorry, I totally forgot my question here after finding a java port here:

Maybe someone else also finds this useful.

Yeas clawz, it will be more useful for me as I am looking for Java port. Thanks for sharing here…

There are many people waiting for java SDK from you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the ping, I’ll let the service team that folks are still interested in the Java SDK

However, the best place to make this type of request is through AWS support, if thats possible for you, as that provides a confidential channel to discuss your needs, business use cases etc.