GameLift Server SDK get latest game session status

I am using GameLift Server SDK for Unreal Engine.
I need to check if game session is active or not
Wondering How to get latest game session status ?

Hi @Pallavi_Sethi

The simplest (though not recommended) method is to call CreateGameSession to create a game session, then poll DescribeGameSession until your game session’s status is ACTIVE.

However, it’s recommended to use queue to help you create game sessions instead of creating them directly on fleets, then you can setup queue event notification to receive push notification when game session is created and ACTIVE.

You can also use FlexMatch, which is an one more layer of abstraction above queues that help you group players together and then create game session on a specified queue. See documentation about FlexMatch.

Lastly, it’s recommended to call GameLift APIs, e.g. CreateGameSession or StartGameSessionPlacement, using a backend service rather than directly from the game client. Calling GameLift APIs from the client directly entails storing developer’s AWS credentials on the game client, which may result in exploitation. See documentation on how to setup backend services.