GameLift UE4 Integration


I’m really sorry but I’m seriously struggling with just integrating Gamelift SDK into Unreal for a few days already and found no real help online so far.

Can anyone please explain to me in detail how to set up CMake configuration and run those needed commands to compile GameLift SDK? It’s not looking straightforward to me at all as I’ve never used CMake before. It throws me errors when I try to declare the paths for the source code and binaries to be built and I have no idea where to put those “mkdir out, cd out, etc.” commands. Sincere apologies for being a noob.

I’ve also tried just importing Unofficial AWS GameLift plugin (that already has those .dll and .lib files generated) to my project’s Plugins folder but then upon opening the project it says that the GameLiftServerSDK is not compatible with the engine version (I’m using 4.17) which I believe isn’t true, the engine just can’t take in and process the plugin, probably because I couldn’t compile it properly.

I would very much appreciate someone helping me out to get on the right track here. I really want to use Gamelift, make it a success and share it with others. Many thanks!

P.S. If anyone would like to get in touch and collaborate on my big project, my Discord ID is TadasJ#4765