Gamelift with Unreal on Mac

I’m working on integrating GameLift into an Unreal Engine project targeting iOS, so I need to get it set up on Mac. This isn’t going so well :-/ Apparently, the server SDK doesn’t support Mac, but the Unreal plugin requires the server SDK so I seem to be stuck…

Is this just not a supported configuration?

The Server SDK is targeted for your backend server and GameLift currently only offers support for Windows and Linux server types. If you are using the Unreal Server plugin on mac, then that would be an unsupported platform combination (EC2 Mac instances are not currently supported for servers in GameLift).

Its totally possible to build iOS clients that use GameLift that talk to your Windows/Linux based servers. But obviously your development path here is slightly harder and a lot depends if you can find a path to support your server builds (you can for example use Docker builds, EC2 instances etc to get Windows, Linux servers built if you don’t have a machine).