GameLift's API is not called normally from the Unity client.

  1. In the GameLift Local environment, the client’s CreateGameSession API call is processed normally.

  2. Use the create-game-session command in the AWS CLI to create a game session normally.

However, in a general environment, when a client calls the CreateGameSession API, the thread stops and does not receive a response.

Attach client code.

    public class GameLiftClient : MonoBehaviour
AmazonGameLiftClient client = null;
void Start()
var config = new AmazonGameLiftConfig();
config.RegionEndpoint = RegionEndpoint.APNortheast2;
string accessKeyId = "AKIAIXFKE7DUZKTLH4VQ";
string secretAccessKey = "******************************";
client = new AmazonGameLiftClient(accessKeyId, secretAccessKey, config);
public void CreateGameSessionTest()
var request = new CreateGameSessionRequest();
request.AliasId = "alias-cb5f354e-ad46-45b6-86a4-251222eec8ef";
request.MaximumPlayerSessionCount = 200;
request.Name = "Test";
client.BeginCreateGameSession(request, (result) => CreateGameSessionHandler(result, client), null);
private void CreateGameSessionHandler(IAsyncResult result, AmazonGameLiftClient client)
var response = client.EndCreateGameSession(result);

When call the BeginCreateGameSession function, the CreateGameSessionHandler function is called after one minute.
and then, call the EndCreateGameSession function, it is not returned.

The Plugins folder contains AWSSDK.Core.dll, AWSSDK.GameLift.dll, AWSSDK.CognitoIdentity.dll, and AWSSDK.SecurityToken.dll files.

The AWS CLI and client are using the same IAM key.

I don’t know what’s wrong.

I would appreciate your help.

I am waiting for an answer.

If this problem is difficult to identify, can you give me some little advice?

I have to solve this problem.

Instead of the Unity project, it works well in general C # projects.

For the moment, the Unity client communicates with external C # programs and indirectly uses the game lift API.

I hope that this problem will be solved later though.

Was the problem with this ever isolated? / Is it still impossible to communicate via the Unity client directly?