Games Distribution site/Platform for Developers to Sell Games

Hey guys,

At this very moment, I’m working on an on-line games publishing platform for indie/pro UE4 developers to upload, distribute and sell their games on.

I’m already utilising WS3 cloud storage for the storage of game files and like how the systems work. I’m also working on a public API, which can drive other developers websites who wish to display available UE4 games.

So naturally, the second I’ve seen that you have released a game engine, I’m getting my nose right in there. I didn’t see this coming!

Anyway, combining, or creating a mirror site for indie developers creating games with this new engine definitely sounds like something I’ll be interested in doing with my site once launched.

I’m currently downloading the engine and I’ll take a look around and see what’s up.

I’m pretty stoked about this!

If you want to hear more, please let me know!!


Production is coming along nicely. I’ll be attending a UE4 meet-up in London where I’ll be presenting the site and getting some initial live feedback.

I’d still love to here on-line user feed back as the development progresses.

Hello Alan,

Your project sounds great. Any updates? Would love to see/hear more when you’re ready to release more information!

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