GameSession life time


I was wondering, in the event where a client requests to create a game session and while the request is processing the client dies, how long will the empty GameSession stay up for ?


GameSessions will remain running and ACTIVE until the game server process indicates to GameLift that it would like to shutdown and stop (via ProcessEnding SDK call). In the example you provided, the GameSession would remain running and empty until the instance was either scaled down or the Fleet deleted. For some game designs this is desirable, ones where players and drop in or out over a long period of time.

If you did not want your game server running for long periods of time with no players connected to it, what you could do is setup a timer on your game server. If it detects no player connections within a certain period of time, it could call ProcessEnding() which would then shutdown the game and free up that game slot for potentially another new GameSession.