GamesSession_ID_Not_Set when calling accept Player Session

I am trying to get my server to accept and verify the player but when i called acceptPlayerSession(), it throw me GAMESESSION_ID_NOT_SET, which is weird since i have make gamesession into playersession then accept it

This indicates that your server no longer owns the game session. This could be for a number of reasons including:

  • Your server is being terminated as unhealthy - check your fleet events in GameLift console
    • Check you are heartbeating correctly
    • Check you called InitSDK in time
  • You terminated the game session prior to the players arriving
    • Check the game session state in the GameLift console

Hi @Vincen_kaiuman
I suggest checking your Gamelift game session and your fleet events on the GameLift console too!
I hope it helps in something! Thanks!

hey i get it to working with the activation, but now when i am activating a 2nd player the game session will reply that my 2nd player session doesn’t exist even though the 2nd player is on the game session with resertved status

Can i get help here as i have the same error again even thought the server is healthy and the game session is active

Just curious, what does your Events tab look like for that fleet?

looks like this any enlighten u can give to me?

any help can be given here, as i have try it on gamelift local and it works okayy, it started not working only on gamelift

I would say, if you have not done so yet, try ssh’ing or rdp’ing into your instance and taking a look at the logs, assuming you have a lot of logs for your game and seeing if that helps. More information about connecting remotely can be found here:

If you can provide the fleet-id, region and ideally impacted game session ids, can get the GameLift service team to take a look

If this is urgent, you may get a faster response by opening an issue with AWS support.

Fleet-id = fleet-98ed897c-2b88-4ef6-82d9-9bd19864f652
Region = Singapore
Game-Session id = arn:aws:gamelift:ap-southeast-1::gamesession/fleet-98ed897c-2b88-4ef6-82d9-9bd19864f652/gsess-5bb9f9e9-b497-45e2-884a-efe0142dab15

Thanks. I’ve let the GameLift service team know about your issue.