GDC 2016!

We’re happy to announce our attendance at GDC 2016!

We’ll have a booth on the expo floor as well as we’re hosting a dev day on Tuesday for attendees. There may also be another super special surprise for anyone interested in Lumberyard who’ll be attending. Are you going?

Sadly I cannot go - Really wish that I could just money prevents me from going. :frowning:

I’ll look into this and see if this is something we can do!

Will the presentations become public after GDC for those who can’t attend?

2nd vote for Nja’s request to post the presentations after the show. Or…why not showcase what Amazon is all about and utilize Twitch to promote a streaming event or series? If properly promoted I believe this would certainly garner the interest of many developers, including those on the fence or more importantly those on the other side of the fence:). Information is king and providing this kind of educational insight into some of Amazon’s services could really help to launch Lumberyard IMO. Plus, the game dev scene eats this stuff up!

Okay, we WILL be able to provide recordings of our devday talks. It’ll take us a few weeks to get them, but we will be able to do this and provide them for free for everyone who wasn’t able to make it to GDC!

Will there be any live streams ?

We won’t be streaming our content live, but we will have VOD’s.

Will we found post GDC videos about LumberYard ?

I was there! It was very cool to see all of you guys.

Any news on the VOD’s ?

It’ll still be a couple weeks until we get them, but the minute we do we’ll put them up and let everyone know!