GDC 2018 — March 19-23

GDC 2018 is around the corner and we’ll definitely be there!

If you’re out and about, we have a booth on the expo floor (1001 – South Hall), hosting the latest works from the team, demos, and a community mixer on Thursday 6PM to 8PM.

Are you attending this GDC this year?

Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to seeing in person or over broadcast?

Will you do the broadcasting by Twitch even this year?

Very cool pic has it been rendered in Lumberyard?

Any news about Breakaway during this gdc?

  1. Unfortunately not :frowning:
  2. Yepps!
  3. The Breakaway team made an update post here :slight_smile:

If you weren’t able to make it to GDC18, or just want a refresher, check out the GDC Vault for free.

Up first: Reach for the Cloud:

Hey Amonster,

Any chance of the Breakaway assets being released in a similar fashion to Epic Games’ Paragon? It’d be great to get some quality multiplayer-focused content that’s import-ready for Lumberyard users, and to see some of the art being put to good use.

I’m conscious there are other factors involved (including how the art team would feel about it), but this would be a real boon to development and the engine. Would be nice to get closure on the possibility either way if you could investigate :slight_smile:

Good question and point @Softmints — I’ve poked a few people to get some answers on this. Stay tuned :smiley:

@Softmints — so it doesn’t look like there’s any momentum to release this content yet. Hopefully some time in the future it would be more heavily considered by the team but for now, I don’t believe so :frowning:

All right, thanks for looking into it!

We just added a new playlist filled with Amazon Game Tech GDC18 content. Check it out:

Is there any chance of breakaway assets?

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