[GDC18] Cloud-Assisted Production – From days to minutes: A terrain generation use case

In case you missed out on GDC 2018 classrooms, here’s one on Cloud Assisted Production for Terrain Generation!

If you’re curious about what other classrooms sessions were covered at GDC 2018, check out the playlist post here: https://forums.awsgametech.com/t/gdc-2018-classroom-sessions/5210/1

Can anyone elaborate on how to implement this? A short tutorial on this technology would be very helpful.

Hi @didzey :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you are on the this plan? Do you want?
I think , your request is related to this quote, a big terrain like GTA 5 :question: :point_down:

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I agree with you @didzey ,Plus There are many gems in lumberyard but no training has been made for it.

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Yes, I need a huge landscape. Even if you see the seam at the connection, it’s okay, the most important thing I need to design and make a big world. The size of 4k by 4k is too small for me. Please help deal with this. I really need to make the world great. Ideally, it’s 4x 4k by 4k

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Hi @didzey :rose:

How are you? I hope you be good health

01- If you want to make a game, I can help you with script canvas, but if you want my help and we can make the game together, I know most probably other people/community will join us :wink:

02- If you want develop your project ALONE, I suggest, fill 4k * 4k now and then you can create a roadmap for your project, Please Don’t stop, the big world of terrain may not be available to you any time soon, I think, you make a lot 3d models fbx/unwrap textures for your project in 4k*4k , Then expand the terrain in the future, Or wait until the Lumberyard team or Amazon Game Studio team gives you a great open map/terrain(eg: 8K * 8K) and then you complete your puzzles via a lot 3d models fbx/unwrap textures, then start script canvas in your project :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope my explanation was helpful :blush:

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