Gem Customizing Business!

I want to build my gems. For example, highway with defence, flag, small Chinese building, bridge, tree, etc.

Each of them should be collision-sensitive, i.e. when another entity is near enough (not necessarily really touched) it should generate an event.
Some of them should also have other functions. For example, the flag turns and flows according to the wind.
This is what I found in User Guide. For me, a fresh, it is too simple.

I think this is a common problem. Maybe some other developers, although he/she is experienced, he/she still want some off-the-shelf gem.
So let’s think about this business: I pay someone for a customized gem.
If this business is run, there will be a larger and larger gem library. Thus, developers will like Lumberyard more and more.


By the way, that’s a good idea! Developers, tell me what you think about this? What if you set up a gem asset shop on this site? The official store where you and other people lay out your unique gems either for free or for some fee