Gem "snow" falls very quickly. Error

I have a problem. I added snow gem to my level and everything looks great in the editor, but when I start the level, or turn on the physics simulation in the editor, it falls in a completely different way. What is the reason for this?

Simulate On - Snowflakes fly very fast, as if the wind is very strong.

This is not an error, the speed of the snow fall for game play is just different from in editor, like any engine you just have to set the speed for in game not for in engine.

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but how to do it? This problem is observed only in one level of the game, everything works well on the rest.
It looks like this is some kind of error after all. I have changed some of the parameters, which are indicated in the documentation for the example. And now if you press the physics simulation button, the snow works the same as without it. But when I click on play, nothing has changed. Snow flies very fast anyway
I added a canvas script with some properties. But that didn’t help either

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Honestly, those are the settings to mess with to get the right effect for whatever project you are doing. If they do not work, than I have no clue, im sorry I am not more help for this.

I understood what the problem is.

Gem Snow cannot work correctly with video-playback together