General Flowgraphs

Reading the docs

“The Flow Graph logic is stored in the XML format and can be easily exported for use in the other levels. *** As a graph is always created and stored on a specific entity, the graph is always exported along with the
object***. Layers are fully supported in the Flow Graph system.”

Flowgraphs are bound to one entity only, we need flowgraphs that could be used with any entity and used as a component that could be attached to any entity.

For example , i have five “dog” entities on the scene, i create a Flowgraph named “Follow_Player”, than i can attach this Flowgraph as a component to any of five “dog” entities.


Thank you for the suggestion. The docucment correctly describe the behavior currently. A given flowgraph is created and stored on a specific entity. We can see the advantage of bein able to give multiple entities the same flowgraph-defined behavior. We’ll add a feature request with our product team.

Here is a work around:

Please place multiple “Entity” nodes to connect with “Logic:All” node then connect to the behavior you desired for the task.

Any news ?


Thank you for following up, as I said that we have added this as new feature request with our product team, please check with us for the future release. In the meantime, have you tried the work around that I mentioned?

Thank you.