Generating Different Visual Studio Solutions for Different Projects

lmbr_waf configure generates a Visual Studio Solution for the currently active game (chosen in the Project Configurator). Right now, the name of the solution generated is always LumberyardSDK_vc140.sln, and I want to change the name generated (preferably by adding a parameter somewhere). I think this is possible (the Project Configurator initially created a solution named _vc140.sln).

How does one go about this? I need this because every time I switch a project, it overwrites this default solution (which requires a complete rebuild of everything, which I want to avoid).

To create a solution _vc140.sln use:

lmbr_waf.bat msvs -p

Keep in mind that this doesn’t contain the engine&editor in the solution file but it’s the same one that’s initially created.

If you want to create a solution with the everything in it but with a different name use:

lmbr_waf.bat msvs --visual-studio-solution-name=

For more details use lmbr_waf.bat --help

Not sure if this will help with the rebuilds, never tried it. You probably still need to set the default project in the projectconfigurator.