Geppetto won't recognize FBX chr files anymore?

I had no issue with 1.10 importing my FBX characters but now I am unable to continue development as I have no characters anymore. Version 1.10 stopped working for me so I updated to 1.11 but now I have a half finished product for my college assignment. What changed and why? Can I import the same character into an editor and export it so it is compatible with 1.11? Thanks.

Hey @palmCheck – Welcome to the Lumberyard Community!

Sorry for the troubles and delays to your project D:

The Beta 1.11 update introduced a new Animation Editor, which is enabled by default. Here’s a doc that can help you get your characters into the new system:


If you’d still like to use the legacy animation systems (Geppetto and Mannequin), please be sure to enable the CryLegacyAnimation Gem in the Project Configurator :slight_smile:

Let me know if this helps!

Thank you for the help @Amonster_LMBR! I am currently working on changing directories for my level so that I can use the new Animation Editor as I had originally saved the level into the Starter Game folder before discovering that Animation Editor is not available there. I have yet to try out the animation editor but have run into another issue that maybe you could help with:

Certainly – I’ll try to hunt down some answers on this ASAP. As for the Animation Editor, it’s just enabling the Gem through Project Configurator and rebuilding your project to get EFX to show up in Lumberyard. There should be a demo coming up on this topic soon, so stay tuned :slight_smile: