Geppetto workflow very confusing seem to manual and redundand need more automation.

In the last period i’m very a huge fan of wizards as when I want to do a common task I prefere a tool that understands what i’m trying and automate the entire process as much as possible.

Sometime is quite better a stupid but assisted convention that full freedom but with the feeling the tools are just leaving you alone.

Every time you have to select a file the file dialog is always pointing to a wrong directory and not displays plausible options this is quite frustrating when you work in very different directories at the same time.some are not even filtered by filetype.

You add scheleton to a character then you have to go to another section of the ui and add manually the same skeleton to the skeleton list and choose a name(Why don’t just use the file name without the extension?)

Everything that is necessary to step forward have to be set to a good default value.

Tooltips are also too scarce so you always need to refer to the documentation.

Ragdoll joint limits are not displayed graphically and I havent found a way to test ragdoll physic.

I was not able to create an actual dba file from my animations in any way.

Hey @Gamely . Check this thread out. This is what I had suggested what do you think about it ?

@TAN unluckly I din’t know that tool.I’ve got a look at ue4 persona and I cannot make any meaningfull comparison as now.

This is my Opinion on this kind of tools.

Someone in the team makes a plan to build a sustainable amount of assets with the minimum effort , but the maximum gain in term of quantity/variety, quality and performance all build around the specific game design needs.This strategy need to be great and a tool just need to let you implement it smoothly.

You need something ready as soon as possible and then something really efficient once the game get feature freeze and the proper consistent asset pipeline has been estabilished.

As Someone that do want to make small scoped simple games I don’t really expect to make any kind of complex custom setup as I know that I can easely go out of my initial scope and any totally custom made setups made in a full data driven system could be time consuming for me even just to experiment with and probably very detrimental on performances.

I just expect to find a system fully functional out of the box that can scale to more complex setups.This thanks to just few but elegantly designed fundamental concepts and some decorators for the more finer optional details(just few common ones).All needs to be easy to grasp ,but exponentially more powerfull if you can fully leverage the more advanced aspects with the proper experience and skillset.

I believe that Lumberyard can do a great job(looking at all the modification so far), It just need the time.A proper ui for a way smoother workflow will emerge even thanks to user feedback so try to use it and report any relevant issue you find.

Yeah, we agree with you on this. It is something we are actively discussing internally right now. How to address the Material and animation pipelines.