Get Termination Time is not a member of GameLift Module

I’m updating gamelift to 3.3.0, for Unreal 4.20. I’m replacing everything with the provided file and compiled the new .dll and .lib and replace them as specified.

However, when I added the new plug-in for UE4.20, I got this error:

Get Termination Time is not a member of GameLift Module

SO what now? Do I have to downgrade to other version? ;/

ps. Honestly, I wasted another day getting new version to compile and working. I was gonna go back to the old stable 3.16 one, but I can’t find it anywhere on the github. So agian, please just have the built plugin for us to download. I waste a total of one week, just trying to compile your plug-ins for different versions/machines.

In the file


GetTeminationTime is be defined (and in the UE 21 version of the plugin)

I suspect you somehow copied an older version of the or .dll into the third party folder.

Double check which library you copied, ensure its actually the 3.3.0 version you built. See the in the unreal plugin folder for more information

Yup I did that. Went in and checked that its there many time. I found the solution though. Just had to erase and rebuild everything.

I guess my VS was still using the old plugin cache.