Getting canvas to start sequence from template menu options screen

I’m using the gem that gives you a main menu and options screen, etc. I wanted to spiffy up the template GUI to something more animated and custom. So I have a sequence in the options menu canvas that I want to start. In the gem is links events via the name of the UI element. So, on the main menu when you hit the options button it will open up the options menu canvas via the back end.

Anyway, so naturally I attached a script to the options menu canvas to start the sequence when it loads up. But I can’t seem to get a hold of the canvas. I’ve tried using graph start and I’ve tried using UI element changed event and I’ve tried using on entity activity. I’ve gotten it to trigger before because it does show printing out. It works on graph start, I think. However, when I try to get a reference to the canvas I can’t. I tried load canvas and get canvas and reference self and all that but nothing works.

Any advice?