Getting errors in UI editor, especially with slices

The first bug I get is when saving a canvas, I get “Source Control is Down.”

Honestly, it reminds me of Strong Bad’s techno song.

The next error I’m seeing is when copy and pasting a slice instance. Copy and paste is like the oldest trick in the programming book. I can’t even program without it. It’s like a starship from Star Trek leaving port without a deflector dish. It’s impossible.

Here I create an instance of a slice and it processes fine (asset processor at the bottom), then I copy and paste it, and it fails to process.

and here are the details of the error:

The last bug I found is that the Ctrl + S and Ctrl + O do not work when you have either Properties focused or Hierarchy focused. If you have the center template designer focused, they work fine.

Let me know if you need any more information. I don’t mind.

Hey @horvay - sorry for the troubles. I’ve entered this into our bugs list for further action. Will update you ASAP!

The second issue (Copy/pasting a user created uislice onto a canvas results in the canvas failing in the Asset Processor on save) will be fixed in the v1.12 release.