Getting GameLift Location/Region from Within the Dedicated Server


I’m trying to retrieve what Region the Game Server is Hosted on from within the Game Dedicated Server itself.

Is this something that we can access from the GameLift SDK? (I’m Using Unreal Engine Gamelift SDK)

Best Regards.

@Rima - Its a great question. Theres no direct way to get the region of the instance via the Server SDK. You can see that region is not really exposed anywhere directly outside of DescripePlayerSessions.

You can extract it at certain points ie GetGameSessionId returns an ARN which can be deconstructed to get region. However, depending when you need the region this could be a little too late. However, if

The best way to get region for a Server is to either:

Let me ping the GameLift service team to see if they have better advice.

Could I ask what your use case is? ie why are you trying to get the region and when in the server lifecycle you need it. That may help shape the answer.

Hey @Pip

Thank you for your detailed answer above. that’s definitely helpful for us.

Use case: our current plan is to have Some certain game servers on game lift to register self to an External service to be used in a Server-Browser. So we have all the other details such as Maps , Game Mode , Connection Info.

For Single region GameLift Queue , we can predefine this as it’s only one region but if we are to make a multiple region queue then we can’t predict the final region