Getting Rid of Screen Flicker on Full Screen Game Launch

I am running one of the test applications in Lumberyard (it has a cylinder, box, and cube that fall), and have modified the system_windows_pc.cfg file to open the game in full screen (r_fullscreen = 1) at 1280x1024 (my computer’s default) resolution. Every time that I launch this standalone game, the screen goes dark momentarily before showing up, as if I were switching video inputs. I have tried this on multiple screens and different resolutions, and each time I have done this, this still happens (i.e. it looks like I am changing display settings through Windows, with a good 2 seconds where the screen is dark).

I am looking for a less obstructive full screen mode, about as seamless as pressing F11 on the keyboard, or launching a game in Unity in full screen. Has anyone else had this problem/know of a solution?

I need this because I was planning to have this game launch from a menu of sorts, and the jump between full screen and not breaks the immersion.

Turns out that this is another config option (as an aside…it would be useful to have all of these predefined in the config file but commented out with their use). The screen flicker on game launch appears to be a Windows thing, which happens when a game launches in full screen mode. The solution is to launch as a “full screen” borderless window.

In the system_windows_pc.cfg, comment out/delete this parameter (using lua comments):

r_fullscreen = 1

Replace this with (1 to enable, 0 to disable)

r_FullscreenWindow = 1

I am not sure how this works, but this parameter appears in dev\Code\CryEngine\RenderDll\XRenderD3D9\D3DSystem.cpp around line 1563