Getting RTPC Audio Parameter to Work

I am sending an event to a handler for a script that controls a parameter in wwise, and for some reason it doesn’t work (i.e. the message sends fine, the receiver acknowledges receipt of the message, but the parameter isn’t modified). This is the line of code that is supposed to modify the parameter

AudioRtpcComponentRequestBus.Event.SetValue(self.entityId, num)

Where num is a number passed into this function (between 0 and 1 inclusive).

I am using this parameter to control the volume on the Master Audio Bus for the project, and I have verified that the parameter is actually working (by manually modifying the value/changing what it controls in wwise and then generating the soundbank with that value set; all audio will change based on this setting).

Anyone else have this problem/a solution?

P.S. There is also a Audio Rtpc and a Audio Proxy component on the entity, just in case anyone was thinking that is the issue. I might work around this using triggers for now, but this will not scale well.